Bridges Mental Health Services in Long Term Care Facilities
(Asheville NC & Greater Western North Carolina)

Mental Health Services for Long Term Care Facilities in Asheville NC

Bridges Elder College and Support Group (Bridges)

Residents living in Long Term Care (LTC) face life’s challenges that are different and unique from fellow elders in their larger community. Issues of isolation, dependency, loss, acclimation and adjustment are often-times prevalent with residents living in an institutional setting. Many challenges exist in providing formal interventions directed to the psychosocial needs of the resident within the existing constraints of the LTC environment. Our headquarters in Asheville, NC has helped us develop a cohesive program for long term care facilities in several Western North Carolina counties. Our commitment to mental health services long term care facilities, Asheville NC and greater Western North Carolina.

Mental Health Services Long Term Care Facilities, Asheville NC

The Bridges program can be found through out Asheville and Western North Carolina’s leading long term care facilities. Our programs offers a social and healthy mental experiences for residents in addition to physical, occupational and speech therapy to support. Bridges provides important mental restorative health and rehabilitation of long term care residents. These therapies are provided in a group process many times. However, when a resident is observed to have a psychological need or displays negative behaviors or symptoms of depression, anxiety or lack of adjustment, at best a provider would be medically ordered to intervene and provide symptom management. This intervention is usually done by a contracted licensed social worker, psychologist and/or psychiatrist. The resident’s individual treatment plan reflects these interventions. Mental health and wellness from a behavioral health model has not been provided in long term settings to date – not until Bridges Elder College and Support Group was founded.

Bridges: Most Popular Elder Care Mental Health Services in Western North Carolina

Bridges is voluntary and offers a behavioral health model focusing on total wellness of body, mind and spirit. Also, specific theories on aging, group therapy and best practice standards are included in the design of Bridges and performed by certified licensed clinical social workers and provisional licensed clinicians. This model enhances the individual’s opportunity to address their psychosocial concerns in a group setting with other alert and oriented residents. The group leaders provide these services under a different CPT billing code (Group Psychotherapy 90853, Medicare Part B) unique and different than any other provider in the facility. This allows additional services for the Long Term Care facility without compromising existing billed services to already existing providers. Our model promotes the existing care provided in the facility while implementing coping and prevention strategies for the resident. Our groups provide a platform where residents find purpose in helping others while understanding that their challenges are similar to their fellow residents. This notion of universality and helping others is clinically therapeutic and beneficial for the mental health of the resident. We are proud to provide mental health services long term care facilities in Asheville NC.

A Compassionate Healing Modality for a Vital Senior Asheville NC

Bridges allows for: ventilation, sustainment, validation, problem-solving skills training, learning coping strategies and behavioral health education. Our groups are designed to be one hour in length, one to two times weekly, led by one or two clinicians and a facility staff member, preferably an Activity Director or Social Worker. If this is assigned to an Activity Director, they can use this group as one of the monthly activities. This advantage allows for a more diverse activity schedule. State and federal regulators will often target this particular area when reviewing the facility. If Bridges is assigned to Social Work staff, the Social Worker is better able to assist and implement individual treatment plans as well as providing additional collateral contact and input.

Compassionate Mental Health Training in Asheville NC

The syllabus of Bridges offers psychosocial, wellness and prevention topics specific to long term care including but not limited to: loss and grief, adjustment, finding privacy, the best communication style, your locus of control, the holiday blues, mindfulness, the art of allowing, sensing and feeling, the power of presence, getting the most out of your day, resident on resident abuse, coping with loss, lack of family visits, specific and unique stressors, strategies of pain management, loss of physical function as well as fall prevention. The format of the group always includes opportunity for personal and group concerns and issues of the residents supercede the weekly topic. The current topic would be carried over to the next week.

Bridges Support Group Elder Care Mental Health for Asheville NC and Western North Carolina

Observation has shown that over time the residual and secondary gains of weekly Bridges Support Groups includes: a stronger sense of community with the participating resident members, increased resident to resident friendship, increased activity level of residents, less resident complaints, less staff complaints, increased family compliments, increased appreciation of the residents and families in that their psychosocial needs are being addressed, less falls due to denial, new opportunities for Behavioural Health education and a new-found marketing tool for the Marketing Director. In addition, our clinicians are able to observe, clinically assess and evaluate the resident during the group process and provide feedback to appropriate staff helping to ensure continuity of care.

What Bridges Elder College and Support Group is not: resident counsel, a complaint or “gripe session”, or “us against them”. Our clinical staff are well aware of the importance of promoting existing culture, directives, and routine while enhancing a positive, health engendering milieu.

Bridges Elder College and Support Group is currently providing services in numerous LTC facilities. To date, only positive benefit has been experienced in the facilities offering these groups. The names and contact information of the administrators of the facilities utilizing Bridges will be provided to those interested in welcoming and implementing Bridges Elder College and Support Group into their facility. We are excited to provide Mental Health services for long term care facilities in Asheville NC and Western North Carolina – Bridges Elder College is the way to go.

Bridges Elder College and Support Group – boldly going where Long Term Care has not gone before!

Helping Residents Thrive.


  1. IIIIIIIII was told about the existence of your program by another another professional and have just read through your website. I am a licensed clinical social worker living in Asheville who provides group therapy and indvidual therapy on the Med/Psych and Gero/Psych units of a local hospital. Much of my work involves working with the elderly who are confronting issues of loss – loss of independence and autonomy, for instance – with resultant feelings of grief and even despair. I work too with elderly who are for the first time confronting the necessity of living in a facility. Your program appears to address these issues with the goal of helping people living in facilities to continue to experience a meaningful and fulfilling life. I am so interested and passionate about the above goal. I would like to find out more about your program if possible. Thank You!

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