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Engaged Behavioral Health, PLLC has provided historical cost reduction in each facility where patients are prescribed Bridges Elder College programs. The benefits of our program creates a culture change in resident communities by empowering residents to become more active in the maintenance of their own bodies, minds and spirit. When patients become more aware of their duty to report, request and engage – a reduction in maladies and a increase in satisfaction has typically occurred. Empowered residents have been shown to reduce pharmacy costs as the need for anxiety, depression, mood and sleep medication is reduced. On a physical level, empowered residents experience a reduction in pressure sores, urinary track infections, dehydration and falls. The spirit of Bridges Elder College has helped residents become strong and thrive by engaging them in participatory and supportive cognitive communities. Both residents and staff members have been shown to have higher satisfaction levels as communication between the parties become more sensitive, respectful and responsive to the challenges of residential elder care.

Free training for facilities and staff can be coordinated on a case by case basis. Our intent for each facility in North Carolina and Florida is to understand and embrace the Bridges Elder College and Support Group – Integrating the Life Span™ algorithm. When residential elder care community staff members embrace the treatment modality, philosophy and mission we have demonstrated that residents and staff begin to sync. There is a remarked improvement in the quality of the exchange of services and needs communication. When doctors order Bridges Elder College and Support Group Programs, each facility may enjoy the benefits of our value added services. References for active case studies can be provided upon request.

Helping Residents Thrive.

State Licensure

Engaged Behavioral Health, PLLC is licensed and credentialed by North Carolina. Florida Medicaid and Florida Medicare is credentialing is underway. DMS as well as Medicare and all private insurances. All our clinicians our insured and bonded by the State of North Carolina and/or Florida.

Learning Organization

Our clinicians are open to suggestions and optimizations of our program. Please contact us to let us know how we can be better.

Offsite Therapy

We provide private therapy services at our historic Flatiron building clinic. Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance patients many benefit from one-one-one sessions with one of our Engaged Behavioral Health clinicians.

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Bridges Elder College and Support Group – Integrating the Life Span® algorithm