Helping Residents Thrive.

Bridges Elder College and Support Group – Integrating the Lifespan®

Vision: We hope for the complete empowerment of the elderly in residential long term community care. We want to help all residents realize the value of taking responsibility for their health of mind, body and spirit.

Mission: We embed the best licensed professionals directly in community based facilities providing collaborative and integrated mental health treatment strategies.

Values: We believe in transparency and working with all parties to create quality of life, community mental health and elder leadership in informed consent, choice and enjoying life for all.

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About Engaged Behavioral Health, PLLC

Biopsychosocial Behavioral Health for ElderlyEngaged Behavioral Health, PLLC is comprised of a group of trained and licensed mental health professionals dedicated to the highest standards of elder care. Each Engaged Behavioral Health professional provides residents, practitioners, staff and facilities with an integrative and collaborative framework for long term community based care. Our clinicians are trained by the Inclusive Behavioral Health Institute, LLC in the Bridges Elder College and Support Group – Integrating the Life Span (TM) algorithm. Our specialty is to empower all stakeholders that comprise the elder care facility ecology with quality community mental health services and standards. Our staff recognizes that empowerment, empathy and compassion drive the quality of care for any organization or family unit. Our hosts include intermediate care facilities – ICF’s, skilled nursing facilities – SNF’s and independent living communities – ILC’s. Engaged Behavioral Health teams are comprised of FNP’s, LCSW’s, PhD’s and MD’s who have been certified in the Bridges’ algorithm. Their presence in the life of individual residents and psychotherapy group’s has been remarked upon by each of our clients. Click here for our latest video testimonials. In addition, Engaged Behavioral Health services are available for private insurance or Medicare/Medicaid family mental health visits.

For Residents

We provide opportunities for lifelong empowerment, engagement and awareness for assigned residents. We honor all stages of life and help you through each one by building a strong conscious community that has fun. Every resident has the capacity to become a leader in their own life and community. Your life is always just beginning. Seize the day!

Life, at every stage is worth living to its fullest. Give our program a try by asking your doctor to write an order for an evaluation for treatment by a Engaged Behavioral Health clinician. Your happiness, well being and adjustment is important to everyone. Call Michael Faulkner, LCSW at (828) 231-1001 or email

For Families

Our jobs are to ensure that families are respected and residents are valued. Our services rely on a mental health model that provides value, community integration and facility collaboration. We build communities where all family members are honored and empowered. All family members are welcomed to engage in our group sessions. Let us show you that aging is a vital and enlivening process.

Family members of a resident may qualify to participate in Engaged Behavioral Health programs by asking their doctors to order the service. Residents may ask also their doctors to include family member participation by writing an order for evaluation and treatment for family related concerns and challenges.

For Practitioners

Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Family Nurse Practitioners who learn the Bridges algorithm become experts in a preventative mental health model proven to work. Each of our licensed practitioners have been trained and certified in the Bridges Elder College and Support Group – Integrating the Lifespan®.

We embed our licensed clinicians in facilities to provide long term psychological care. Practitioners provide complete cognitive evaluations, individual therapy, group sessions including post-trauma treatment. The Bridges algorithm empowers long term residents to empower rehabilitative residents with encouragement and wisdom sharing throughout the life of their care.

For Facilities & Staff

Each facility experiences a corporate culture that requires constant refreshment, upliftment and encouragement. Our focus is to assist each facility and their respective staff to understand the power of the Bridges program. When a facility adopts Bridges algorithm resident health, positive reinforcement, respect and overall satisfaction improve. Our experience in numerous facilities has proven that resident driven programs result in a customer service vitality that has a synergistic affect on overall facilities operations.

We provide value added services for your staff and facility as well as essential treatment for your residents. Staff training is always free. The Bridges value-added program has a holistic impact, ask for it by name.


Our focus is on total wellness of body, mind and spirit.


Empowering the Resident

Observation has shown that over time participating resident members gain residual and secondary benefits from weekly Bridges Support Groups. Trainings for residents are activated by a doctor’s order for CPT codes for evaluation, individual and group treatment within Medicare / Medicaid and private healthcare insurance. The last four years reveal objective statistics demonstrating participating residents experience a stronger sense of community and improved internal locus of control through best practice clinical standards. The outcome of a Bridges program is an empowered, engaged and informed resident. Increased activity levels, family compliments and appreciation from all parties has been noted. Bridges Elder College generates an environment of accountability and greater overall resident and resident management satisfaction.

Training in Facilities

Engaged Behavioral Health, PLLC is the developer and management of the Bridges Elder College algorithm. Our trainings provide value added services. We provide facilities, staff and professionals with mandated in-service trainings. Communities within the “long term care provider” network in Florida and North Carolina may avail themselves of seminar plans for training on wellness and prevention. Our trainings provide value added services and benefits of bio-psycho-social long term therapy and corporate customer service culture optimizations. Testimonials from facilities which benefit from Bridges Elder College training are available by request.

Certifying Practitioners

Inclusive Behavioral Health Institute, LLC trains and certifies Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Family Nurse Practitioners in the Bridges Elder College & Support Group Integrating the Lifespan® algorithm. Training and certification candidates are required to have a background in Shared Living Communities and to have taken related classes in Elder Law. Experience and credentials may replace the requirement for program 1 & 2 workshops. The program is divided into three workshop programs comprised of two day seminars each (16 hours based CEU’s per program). The first program is Biopsychosocial Process for People Living in Shared Communities (ACF- Assisted Care Facilities and SNF / Skilled Nursing Facilities). The second program is “Rules and Laws, Medical Mistakes and Ethics in Long Term Care”. The third program is a training certification class in Bridges Elder College & Support Group Integrating the Lifespan® algorithm.

Life Long Learning

The syllabus of Bridges offers psychosocial, wellness and prevention topics specific to long term care including but not limited to: loss and grief, adjustment, finding privacy, the best communication style, your locus of control, the holiday blues, mindfulness, the art of allowing, sensing and feeling, the power of presence, getting the most out of your day, resident on resident abuse, coping with loss, lack of family visits, specific and unique stressors, strategies of pain management, loss of physical function as well as fall prevention. The format of the group always includes opportunity for personal and group concerns and issues of the residents supersede the weekly topic. The current topic would be carried over to the next week.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for facilities?

We only charge Medicare, Medicaide and private insurance for doctor ordered treatment.

Is there any out of pocket expense for residents?

No, only Medicare, Medicaide and private insurance are charged based on doctors orders for treatment.

Do you provide training for facility staff?

Yes, we provide training for facility staff at no charge. Workshops on biopsychosocial wellness or treatment are available on demand.


State Licensure

Engaged Behavioral Health, PLLC is licensed and credentialed by North Carolina. Florida Medicaid and Florida Medicare is credentialing is underway. DMS as well as Medicare and all private insurances. All our clinicians our insured and bonded by the State of North Carolina and/or Florida.

Learning Organization

Our clinicians are open to suggestions and optimizations of our program. Please contact us to let us know how we can be better.

Offsite Therapy

We provide private therapy services at our historic Flatiron building clinic. Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance patients many benefit from one-one-one sessions with one of our Engaged Behavioral Health clinicians.

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